Nature's Heritage: Organic Farm & Direct Delivery

This new business is a shining example of ways in which to solve several problems facing South Africans at the moment: access to fresh, responsibly grown food; job creation; and a farm that weathered the drought. The produce is grown free of harmful chemicals, from Livingseed's heirloom vegetable seeds. When faced with obstacles such as birds, rabbits, guinea hens, powdery mildew, damaging insects and weeds, Farmer Dale comes up with practical and creative solutions first and foremost. When the first line of defense doesn’t completely solve the problem, he turns to environmentally friendly BioGrow products, which help in such ways as disrupting the natural breeding patterns of harmful insects. So as a consumer, you can be fully assured that much thought and creativity goes in to the process of making sure the produce is raised in an incredibly responsible manner, safe for the land and safe for consumption.

In regard to job creation, 4 crew members work daily, weeding and doing other various farming jobs, gaining invaluable training and knowledge. And lastly, when a farm runs on a smaller scale, it requires less water resources. Nature's Heritage had enough water to keep the produce growing during the record breaking drought. The biggest problem they faced in regard to this unseasonably dry time was the harsh wind brought on by the storms that broke through the heat. Again Dale used innovative problem solving techniques by covering the more fragile plants with tunnels to provide protection from heavy storms.

During my mid-summer farm visit, peppers, beans, zucchini and summer squash were some of the most prevalent vegetables growing, while cucumbers and radishes were just getting ready to produce a harvest, and tiny lettuce seedlings were starting out. Dairy and berry products come from nearby partnering farms. Throughout the year, the vegetables available to consumers through the Nature's Heritage website will change, depending on the season, but the quality and care will surely continue to shine. I want to strongly encourage South Africans to support businesses like Nature's Heritage that provide responsibly produced food at an affordable price. Take advantage of such an incredible resource and help such an initiative succeed. Check out the Nature's Heritage website for additional details.