Think Big! A Tiny House Resort

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Over the past year, Wiehan and I have been contemplating the idea of moving into a tiny house. We both love the idea, but figuring out where to put it isn’t such an easy feat, since full-time residency in a tiny house is illegal in most of the U.S. While researching tiny house communities, I came across the website for Think Big! A Tiny House Resort. Located on Catskill Creek, two hours north of New York City, in South Cairo, NY, this property offers a variety of tiny house accommodations. Without skipping a beat, Wiehan and I booked two nights for the weekend before Christmas, selecting The Flat, one of the largest tiny houses on the premises. Our goal, aside from a relaxing weekend away, was to really get a feel for the experience of living tiny. Check out our video from this trip here!

The tiny houses are equipped with full kitchens, including a standard fridge, oven, microwave, sink and an outdoor propane grill. With a meal plan for our trip in place, we went to MOM’s Organic Market the day prior to our departure, stocking up on the necessary ingredients. I pre-cooked bacon, rice, oatmeal and sweet potato crisps, to lessen the workload during our stay. With a 7-hour trip ahead of us, I also packed road snacks to ensure healthy options other than fast food for the ride. Wiehan packed his bike and Tacx indoor trainer, with the hope that it would be possible to fit both into a tiny house. He also brought along his espresso machine from home, because coffee is that important for him. A drip coffee maker is provided in each home.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a flock of chickens. Our host, Melissa, welcomed us to The Flat, explaining a few instructions to follow, such as making sure the heater stays on at all times, for the protection of the water pipes. And then we were left on our own to enjoy our first real experience of tiny living. Wiehan’s very favorite feature was the massive window by the kitchen table, overlooking the Catskill Creek. As a photographer, I love this feature as well, excited by the ease of tabletop shots with so much natural light. With so much beautiful light in The Flat, I just couldn’t stop taking photos. Everything was so photogenic!

As a vacation home, The Flat is perfect for a couple or even a family, as it sleeps up to 6, with a fold-out futon. We had all the comforts of home, including hot and cold well water, full electricity, heating and cooling, WiFi, Netflix and Roku TV. We were impressed by the size of the bathroom, which even included a full tub, and more cabinets than we currently have. The Flat has a bedroom on the ground floor, a feature we would definitely include in our own place. The bed fits snuggly into the wall, which, while cozy, also means that the person sleeping by the window will have to climb over the other person to get out. There’s also a loft above the bathroom with a double bed. This one is a really tight squeeze and I’m not the biggest fan of using a ladder on a daily basis. We’d imagine using this spot to store photo gear and Wiehan would even consider a work space here as well. Unlike many tiny homes we see on YouTube tours, The Flat, with two axels, was missing a washing machine. This is definitely not a problem for a vacation stay, but it’s something we’d want for our own place. By adding a third axel, we figure we’ll gain that little bit of walking room around the foot of the downstairs bedroom, as well as the washer and dryer, and hopefully a little more closet space. But again, for a weekend getaway, we couldn’t have asked for more!

Bonus features of the resort include complimentary eggs from chickens living on site, as well as the opportunity to feed ducks and pet adorable goats. In the summertime, veggies from the garden are also available. The property boasts a spectacular waterfall leading into the Catskill Creek. The waterfront view within a canopy of trees made me feel as if I was sleeping in our hometown’s Great Falls Park, along the Potomac River. Basically a dream come true! Each home has a fire pit and outdoor seating area. A heated pool is available seasonally, as are the outdoor activities of kayaking and sleigh riding. Dogs are very welcome, and can run around in a dog park on site. Games and a wide selection of DVDs are available to guests. Snacks and locally made products are available for purchase, as is wood for use in the fire pits. Oh, and Wiehan actually managed to fit his bike and indoor trainer in our tiny house for a nice Zwift ride! Though he realized upon arrival, that if he had packed sufficient warm cycling clothing, he would have been able to go for an outdoor ride on the surrounding roads, due to the sunny weather.

All in all, we loved our time at the Tiny House Resort and can’t recommend a stay here enough! After our stay, the idea of living tiny is further cemented into our imaginations. Continue to follow along as we begin the process of making this dream a reality!

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- Christin

Tell us! If you have tiny house experience, please send us suggestions. We’re especially curious about the following: What do you love about your tiny home? What’s not so great? What would you change about your tiny home? And how are you legally living in it? Also, if you know of any locations currently available for legal tiny house living, let us know!