Mountain Road's Instructor Led Zwift Workouts [Emily's Short Mix]

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If you're anything like us, you probably wish every day was warm and sunny, and that your schedule always allowed for daily workouts in the great outdoors. But when that rainy/cold day comes along, or your schedule only allows for an indoor workout, then Zwift is definitely the place to go. Zwift has taken indoor training to a whole new level, making it fun and entertaining to ride your bike indoors as you zip through their awesome virtual worlds. It comes with a bunch of really useful built-in workouts from which to choose, helping to make your indoor training sessions much more structured and effective.

In this video, I walk you through the included workout called "Emily's Short Mix". It’s the perfect solution for those who are new to Zwift and want to start out with a shorter workout. Alternatively this session is also ideal for the time-crunched athlete who wants to take the maximum benefit from a 30min action-packed session. I'll talk you through each step of the workout and motivate you to hit those power target. It's short, it's high energy and it's lots of fun! It even comes with a power-packed playlist! Check it out here!

Need more details about how to set up for this one-of-a-kind Zwift Workout? Check out the introduction video here!

Spotify Playlist: Each workout follows a specific playlist. The one for this video can be found here on Spotify. See you in Watopia!

- Wiehan