The Nourished Life

Patience, Commitment, Dynamic, Beyond Organic, Heavenly

These are the words that 6 farmers local to the D.C. region use to describe their farming philosophy in one word. These farmers are Sally Fallon Morell of P.A. Bowen Farmstead; Francois and Shanna Tiayon of African-American Suburban Homestead; Nora Crist of Clark’s Farm; John Esh and family of Green Hills Farm; and Elaine Boland of Fields of Athenry. These talented individuals all convened together at The Nourished Life, a one day event at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington D.C. in mid-August. The event was put together by Ancestral Health DC, in connection with the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), led by Hilda Labrada Gore, Wise Traditions podcast host. Check out our video from the event here!

Panel discussion with local farmers.

Panel discussion with local farmers.

The day was packed with information and nutritious foods. Most of the above farmers were also exhibitors at the event, and they generously donated food for attendees to sample and enjoy. Additional exhibitors included the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund; New Trends Publishing, through which Sally Fallon Morell’s books are published; Villa de Alpacas Farm and Farmstead Ferments. There was so much wisdom, talent and creativity, all in just one place!

Sally Fallon Morell, President of The Weston A. Price Foundation, shares healthful wisdom of our ancestors, as keynote speaker.

Sally Fallon Morell, President of The Weston A. Price Foundation, shares healthful wisdom of our ancestors, as keynote speaker.

Through the event, Ancestral Health DC aimed to share best practices for a nourishing life, while also providing opportunities for first-hand experience, through a meal shared together. Sally Fallon Morell, the President of WAPF offered an incredibly informative, scientifically-based presentation in which she discussed the healthful wisdom of our ancestors, in contrast to the follies of today’s convenience food preparations. She quoted Dr. Weston A. Price, D.D.S., “Life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed,” explaining that a diet based on ancestral traditions is one that not only satisfies our cravings, but also provides the building blocks for healthy bone structure.

Proper nutrition provides ample space for all of our adult teeth to grow naturally into perfect rows, with no need for wisdom teeth extraction or braces. So how do we get these nutrients? Eat raw milk, raw cheese, raw butter, egg yolks, organ meat and animal fat, all from animals raised naturally, out in the pasture where they soak up Vitamin D from the sun, as opposed to the unethical, cruel and biohazardous practices of CAFO farming. The foods listed above are excellent sources of Vitamins A, D and K2. Vegetables and fruits are included in the diet as well, of course. As Sally puts it, we need to eat vegetables in order to have something on which to spread our butter!

I also love Sally’s claim that when you eat this diet, you’ll find yourself on a constant high. I can totally attest to this! I was a believer in the low fat diet from childhood up until early adulthood, and as a result, I suffered from mood swings and depression. As soon as I let go of the fat free limits and began allowing myself to eat animal fat, I felt so much better emotionally, and saw some health complaints fade. Sally has also shared on a Wise Traditions podcast episode that bone broth offers comfort in the same way as chocolate, by regulating dopamine levels. I come from a long line of chocolate lovers! But the more I eat nourishing meals, the more satisfied I feel and the less I crave that sweet indulgence of the cacao bean to boost my mood.

Just look at all this delicious food!

After Sally’s presentation, attendees were treated to a delicious, nourishing lunch provided by local farmers. In addition to the farmers and exhibitors listed above, food donations also came from Seylou Bakery; Beefsteak; The Mountain Valley Spring Water; and Broad Branch Market. Lunch included homemade sauerkraut and kimchi, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cantaloupe, homemade potato chips, lamb chili, dried meat, and some of the best bread I’ve ever tasted, paired of course, with raw butter. As someone so frustrated with the lack of nutritious options existing when I step outside my home, it is always such a relief to attend events like this one that offer such incredibly nourishing food. I am so grateful to all the food donors that provided such a lovely meal for us!

Attendees of The Nourished Life enjoyed a farm fresh meal together.

Attendees of The Nourished Life enjoyed a farm fresh meal together.

If you want to find out more about WAPF, the speediest way to get pumped full of knowledge is to attend their Wise Traditions 2018 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, November 16-19. The conference includes an all-day cooking class hosted by Sally, as well as many topics on health, as well as farming. The early-bird registration ends in just a few days, on September 20th.

But if the conference isn’t doable for your location, schedule and budget, the Wise Traditions podcast provides a fantastic introduction into the principles and practices of WAPF, through interviews with doctors, scientists, farmers and more! For our South African readers, I want to note that Hilda even interviewed Professor Tim Noakes! I love listening to episodes while cooking and gardening. The fundamental information provided by WAPF seems so groundbreaking in an era in which we’ve created health and environmental destruction by completely unlearning the instinctive, nature-based practices of our ancestors. It’s time to relearn wise traditions!

And be sure to check out our tour of Sally’s farm, up on the blog!

- Christin

And tell us! What’s your favorite farm fresh food?