How to Zwift on a Spinning Bike - Taking Indoor Cycling on the Road

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If you're anything like us, you probably wish every day was warm and sunny, and that your schedule always allowed for daily workouts in the great outdoors. But when that rainy day comes along, or you're stuck in a hotel all week for a work conference, you can connect your indoor fitness equipment to the amazing Zwift app that allows you to ride or run in real time with thousands of other cyclists and runners worldwide! Check out our video, in which I explain how to connect Zwift to a spinning bike! You'll need your smart phone and Zwift account, fitness equipment with ANT+ Link and ViiiiVa heartrate strap from 4iiii.

If your spinning bike doesn't capture and transmit cadence, then your best bet will be to fit the Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors to your spin bike. If you want to take it one step further you could even install power pedals like Garmin's Vector 3 which will give you the ability to transmit power. Not sure what Zwift is? Check out Shane Miller - GPLama over on YouTube for Zwift Tips.

And just a reminder to be cautious whenever using various wireless technologies, keeping in mind that prolonged EMF exposure can potentially be dangerous to overall health. Read more over at Wellness Mama's blog.

- Wiehan

What's your favorite way to keep up the training when weather and busy schedules interfere? Let us know in the comments!